The firm DRT

DRT gazole, fioul domestique

Our firm, DRT has been created in 1986, it started as a familial structure and was born of transport of dangerous products.

DRT is registered at the RCS of Antibes under n° 88B84, its head office is situated 518, route de la Mer in BIOT (06410).

Our excellent relations with oil companies as well as our self-sufficiency in the way of provisioning our two stocking sites enables us to more flexibility and effectiveness, it gives us the ability to satisfy our clients at short notice, at very competitive prices, all year round.

Heating fuel oil is a more and more sophisticated product, perfectly adapted to modern heating systems, it is a natural, modern form of energy that satisfies current concerns regarding environment. Considerable progress has been made in terms of quality and in equipment performances. Professionals such as heating engineers, boiler manufacturers etc… have also made enormous progress in reducing consumption and improve the quality regularly. The oil energy is respectful towards environment, affordable and reassuring.

Oil is more than ever a clean energy, the production companies have improved its composition in order to reduce the sulfur contents, the emissions are reduced, the environment is protected.

We deliver standard domestic fuel-oil, diesel, GNR diesel, SP 98 and SP 95 unleaded petrol, diesel (yellow) for yachting, tax free diesel (blue) and all types of lubricants, as well as all the distribution and stocking equipments for fuel and lubricants according to your needs.
We can also supply transportable tanks with an ADR approval, stocking tanks, pumps and “volume meters” for distribution.

DRT can propose you solutions to assure the maintenance of your installations or to renew your stocks.
Today, many clients trust DRT

Our two stocking sites, one in BIOT (130 000 L), the second in VALBONNE (250 000 L) as well as our fleet enables us to give our clients entire satisfaction, for the south of France, we cover the Alpes Maritimes (06) and the Var (83).

If you run out of product DRT will deliver you within the day.

Our activity is extended with an automatic petrol station open 7 days a week and provisioned by ourselves and which prices are similar to those of supermarkets.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly either by telephone on 04 93 65 02 74, or by using our contact form