Stocking tanks for products, pumps...

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    tanks are certified ADR
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    Flexible pipes and joins

Deriving strength of its experience, DRT can also propose stocking solutions adapted to your needs for your petrol and fluids. All our tanks are certified ADR.

Types of tanks :

  • Buried in ground or above
  • Outdoor or indoor (see the statutory and environmental restraints)
  • Easy access to decanting point
  • Easy access to supplying point
  • Chosen location : it must be stable and flat preferably with a concrete base
  • Weather conditions (rain, strong exposure to sun, smog

Types of pumps :

  • Manual or electric (12V, 24V, 230V mono, 400V tri)
  • Discharge of pump : it depends on the volume and restraints of the tanks to fill
  • A pump of 100 L/min will be perfect for a lorry or agricultural machines or machines for public works, but won’t allow the filling of the tank of a car or commercial vehicle.

Checking and management of consumption of petrol

Facing the regular increase of prices of petrol, it becomes important to manage the consumption, particularly in case of multiple users. DRT has a range of simple and efficient solutions, with quick return on investment :

  • Checking access by code or badge : limits the use to the only persons allowed
  • Checking access and management of consumption (by date, user, vehicles)
  • Checking access, management of consumption, management of stock in tank.

We also offer all means of transfers :

  • Transfers pumps
  • Distribution kit
  • Pistols and meters
  • Flexible pipes and joins
  • Winding up systems
  • Etc…

Do not hesitate to consult us, we will find a solution adapted to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly either by telephone on 04 93 65 02 74, or by using our contact form